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Movie Searches for New Lama in Nepal

Destination: Nepal

Movie: Unmistaken Child (2008)

I gasped as the camera panned over a crystal steam and showed a misty green valley shadowed by the moutains that climbers dream of.  The camera tracks characters through the otherworldly narrow passageways between rough stone buildings that could just as well have been built in Middle Ages Europe as living villages in Nepal. Not just once, but several times while watching  Unmistaken Child, I had to fight the urge to call an airline– book a flight– get to Nepal. Now! Continue reading Movie Searches for New Lama in Nepal

Action in a Buddhist Temple

Amitabha, Tibetan Buddha/teacherDestination: Tibet

Book:  The Forbidden Temple/ The Cloud Maker, by Patrick Woodhead

Indiana Jones meets DaVinci Code with a touch of  Into Thin Air thrown in for good measure–that’s the scenario for the adventure thriller The Cloud Maker, which also goes by the name The Forbidden Temple (A secret for which men will die, says the subtitle, menacingly.) Continue reading Action in a Buddhist Temple