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How to Find A Book On Line

I don’t usually reprint PR releases. As a matter of fact I NEVER have. But this one is so right-down-our-alley, that I decided to share the entire thing  with you. The first paragraph refers to Amazon’s plans to make e-books available for no charge to Prime customers.  If you don’t know about Amazon Prime Membership maybe you should take a look.  Although I like to support Indie bookstores and specialty websites like Longitude Books or Interlink, I have  an Amazon Prime membership because it saves me money and gets me fast delivery on books that I need in a hurry for reviews at A Traveler’s Library. I’ve mentioned some of the tips below previously at A Traveler’s Library, but several are new. I hope you’ll find these helpful when you’re ready to buy travel literature for your own traveler’s library. Here’s the money-saving expert, Andrea Woroch. Continue reading How to Find A Book On Line

What I Learned About Italy

Coliseum, Rome
Ken in Rome

Has it been five years since we were in Italy? Unbelievable! But Italy stays with you once you have traveled there.

Here’s another of my round-up posts and good books about Italy (read: she’s traveling and not blogging every day). Continue reading What I Learned About Italy

Dining With Al-Qaeda

Books for the Arab World in Troubled Times

Arabian Night Destination: Middle East

Book: Dining with Al Qaeda (2010)by Hugh Pope

Every Monday for a while now, I’ve been writing about books that might shed some light on the current internal struggles of countries in the Middle East (as well as Iraq and Afghanistan as the center of international warfare) for those of us who  plan to travel there in the future.

Some of the books I have covered are directly about the politics of the situation, like In the Country of Men, and some are poetic, like The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and some are strictly travel books. I think it takes an understanding of both politics and poetry–literature and news reports–for us in the West to build an understanding of the largely Islamic countries of the Middle East and the Arab Spring. Continue reading Dining With Al-Qaeda