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Shiny New Travel Ideas

Jump for joy

Is this how traveling makes you feel? Is this the way you want to act when you discover a wonderful travel book or movie that takes you away?

We travelers who read are endlessly curious. ¬†We want to know about all the things that might make us want to travel. And when we plan our trips we want to know all about the cultures we are visiting. Most of the time we get inspired and informed by travel literature or movies–anything with a strong sense of place. Continue reading Shiny New Travel Ideas

What I Learned About Italy

Coliseum, Rome
Ken in Rome

Has it been five years since we were in Italy? Unbelievable! But Italy stays with you once you have traveled there.

Here’s another of my round-up posts and good books about Italy (read: she’s traveling and not blogging every day). Continue reading What I Learned About Italy

France on Friday: Paris Walks

Paris from the Heart Unboxed
Paris from the Heart Unboxed


NOTICE: I will give this collection (which is priced at $45.00) to one reader chosen at random from those who comment on this post. American Resident, Over 18. (By  Friday April 8)


Destination: Paris, France

Book: Paris from the Heart: Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion and Freedom (November 2010) by Jan Dolphin Continue reading France on Friday: Paris Walks