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Irish Music for St. Patrick’s Day and Travel

MUSIC TRAVEL By Kerry Dexter

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
A foggy day on Dingle Peninsula

The crashing waves at the Cliffs of Mohr, the rising surf at Inishowen, the rocky steps of Giant’s Causeway, the silent beauty of the mountains of Mourne — Ireland’s landscapes are filled with mystery and beauty. That is true of the music of Ireland as well. Continue reading Irish Music for St. Patrick’s Day and Travel

Diez y Seis, Mexican Independence Day


Destination: Mexico and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands

CD: Cada Niño Artist: Tish Hinojosa

Article by Kerry Dexter

Mexican Independence Celebration Diez y Seis, the Sixteenth day of September, is celebrated as a holiday across Mexicoand in Mexican communities across the border and across the world. On that day in 1810, on the church steps in the town of Dolores Hidalgo, Father Miguel Hidalgo y Castilla read out a proclamation which marked the beginning of Mexico’s war of independence from Spain. Continue reading Diez y Seis, Mexican Independence Day

Shiny New Travel Ideas

Jump for joy

Is this how traveling makes you feel? Is this the way you want to act when you discover a wonderful travel book or movie that takes you away?

We travelers who read are endlessly curious.  We want to know about all the things that might make us want to travel. And when we plan our trips we want to know all about the cultures we are visiting. Most of the time we get inspired and informed by travel literature or movies–anything with a strong sense of place. Continue reading Shiny New Travel Ideas