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Perfect Paris Travel Movie

Midnight in Paris on the Seine
The Seine River, Paris

Destination: Paris

Movie: Midnight in Paris (NEW 2011), written and directed by Woody Allen

What a delicious confection of a movie. If you are craving a hearty boeuf Bourguignon of a movie, go elsewhere, but if a simple little meringue melting on your tongue sounds heavenly–this movie is the dish for you. But it may be the best Paris travel  movie of the decade. It shows EVERY major tourist site, instead of  just the usual establishing shot of the Eiffel Tower. Continue reading Perfect Paris Travel Movie

Back to Paris With a French Movie

Avenue Montaigne Poster

Destination: Paris

Movie: Avenue Montaigne (2007)

Why do I view so many French movies? So I can see their settings, of course.

While Ken and I took a bus tour that traveled down the Champs Elysee of Paris, we did not take the walk suggested in Paris Movie Walks, (Pg. 72) that traverses the fashionable and beautiful Avenue Montaigne, so it was fun to see this new “corner” of Paris.  The movie’s exterior scenes are confined to this street, and the Théâtre des Champs Elysee. Continue reading Back to Paris With a French Movie