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Pet Travel – It’s Not Just for Dogs Anymore

Pet Travel Thursday

NOTE: After you read this, be sure to see the Pet Travel Book Club entry at Something Wagging This Way Comes to learn more about pet travel and these books. VMB

Destinations: France, Italy, Spain, United States

Book(s): The Cat Who Went to Paris (1992); A Cat Abroad:The Further Adventures of Norton, The Cat Who Went to Paris and His Human (1994); and The Cat Who’ll Live Forever: The Final Adventures of Norton, the Perfect Cat, and His Imperfect Human (2002) by Peter Gethers. 

By Pamela Douglas Webster

If you’ve dined in Paris, the scene is familiar.

At the next table sits a patron accompanied by his furry companion, contentedly waiting for a morsel. But wait. That’s not a dog. It’s a cat.

At least that’s the vision that greeted people dining beside Peter Gethers and his traveling cat, Norton. Continue reading Pet Travel – It’s Not Just for Dogs Anymore