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How to be a Travel Writer

[amazon_image id=”1555975917″ link=”true” target=”_blank” size=”medium” ]One Day I Will Write About This Place: A Memoir[/amazon_image]

Destination: Africa

Book: One Day I Will Write About This Place (NEW August 2011) by Binyavanga Wainaina

(NOTE: After I wrote and titled this review, I carefully read Binyavanga Wainaina’s sardonic instructions on “How to Write About Africa” in the magazine Granta. You may want to check as you compile your Africa reading list.) Football!

Binyavanga Wainaina reinvents memoir writing in[amazon_link id=”1555975917″ target=”_blank” ] One Day I Will Write About This Place[/amazon_link].  I read two or three books a week and many of them are very, very fine writing, but this one knocked me back in my chair and made me reconsider the conventions of writing. Original. Poetic. Surprising. Experimental. He sees and hears and feels the world in ways you never thought of before.  Right from the first page, this book is a WOW experience. In this quote, he is describing a day playing soccer in Kenya when he was seven. Continue reading How to be a Travel Writer

Staying Home

The Bird Sisters by Rebecca RasmussenDestination: Wisconsin

Book: [amazon_link id=”0307717968″ target=”_blank” ]The Bird Sisters [/amazon_link]by Rebecca Rasmussen (NEW, April, 2011)

…Twiss knew she’d stay with her sister in Wisconsin despite wanting to see Machu Picchu and the Continental Divide. She’d grow up with Milly and grow old with her, and then one day, if time had any kindness, she’d die with her.  Leaving Milly alone would’ve been like leaving an injured bird in the middle of the road.

In The Bird Sisters, Rebecca Rasmussen paints Wisconsin farmland and small town U.S.A.–a backdrop that both feeds and limits these two sisters’ lives.  The story is as small and fragile as the birds that people used to bring to the sisters to fix.  We learn the story of their lives bit by bit as they ponder the secrets, the love, the deceits that shaped their lives. Continue reading Staying Home

Horrible Books Just the Ticket for Traveling Boys

The Tower Bridge, London
The Tower Bridge


Destination: London

Books: Loathsome London by Terry Deary from the Horrible Histories

Various Titles from the You Wouldn’t Want To Be… series for children

“Horrible” History Makes Traveling to Britain with Kids Fun

A GUEST POST by Mara Gorman

Grownups tend to think that castles, suits of armor, and ancient towers are automatically interesting to the younger set. The fact is, to most children one old building looks much like another, even if they both happen to be ancient castles. And without understanding what suits of armor and lances were used for, what fun are they to look at? Continue reading Horrible Books Just the Ticket for Traveling Boys