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New Old Book Strolls Through Istanbul

Book Cover

Destination: Istanbul

Book: Strolling Through Istanbul, The Classic Guide to the City by Hilary Sumner-Boyd & John Freely (Originally published 1972;NEW edition, 2010)

I try to imagine strolling the streets of Istanbul, but I am hampered by the perennial action movie shots–camera zooming overhead as swarthy men race through narrow passage ways, overturning carts of chickens who run squawking in all directions and….CUT! Continue reading New Old Book Strolls Through Istanbul

Author Interview: Arizona Wild West

Book Cover

Destination: Southern Arizona

Book: Historic Walking Guides: Tombstone & Bisbee Arizona (NEW 2010) by Jane Eppinga

Curious staffers of other Congressmen go into the office of an Arizona Congressman, look at the map, and point with wonder at Tombstone. “You mean that’s a real place?” Continue reading Author Interview: Arizona Wild West

Wrapping Up Blogathon and Starting New Projects

Memo to: Readers of A Travelers’ Library

From: A Traveling Reader

This morning was the wrap-up on Twitter by all the people who participated in the blogging marathon. Now I’m off on another sort of marathon–checking in to Likaholix most every day.  If you have not seen it, take a look.  It would be a great place for you to share your favorite travel books.

I’ve updated my TBR page to indicate travel books finished, travel books started, and a new book on the to-be-read pile that I’m very excited about. (Hint: Paris and food)

Recommendations are flowing in for books to read about Mexico, so maybe we’ll need to go back there soon.

C. M. Mayo writes to take exception to my laughing at “dolphins porpoising”. She says, “Dolphins do porpoise. Can be used as a verb.” Don’t want to belabor the point, because I love the way that Madame Mayo (as she is known at her blog) uses the language, and the ingenuity of her verbs and metaphors. And she has been most gracious about accepting what I wrote otherwise. And she is, after all, the one who teaches writing.

Next Up

This week we are going to visit some travel classics.  I will be showing what a babe in the woods I am by reviewing must-read travel books that I never read before. So here come Bill Bryson, V.S. Naipaul, Eric Newby, Paul Fussel, and Bruce Chatwin (the ONE out of these that I had already read.)

Next weekend I will disappear for a few days as the Traveler’s Library morphs into a new form.  Stay tuned.