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A Drop in the Bucket

It’s history.
Passports With Purpose 2012 reached the goal of $100,000 for Water.org Thanks to all who participated.
Stay tuned for the announcement of prize winners–coming soon!

Haitians using water from the river. Photo from Water.org

Thinking About Water

Do these travel rituals sound familiar?

  • Pack a water bottle and fill it at a fountain at the airport–or buy a couple of bottles of water at one of a dozen airport stores.

If you didn’t have access to running water in your house, how far would you have to walk to get to a water source? (Remember the little girl in Harmattan? She spent much of her day walking back and forth to the river for water.)

  • Fill the bathtub at your hotel to hand-wash your clothes.

What would your day be like if you had to use 5 gallons of water or less? (I recall people visiting a desert area and complaining that the people’s clothes were dirty. Well, duh!) Continue reading A Drop in the Bucket

Scotland Mystery Books for the Traveler

Destination: Scotland

Authors: Ian Rankin and Alexander McCall Smith

Nope, we’re not talking Loch Ness Monster here.  Some readers recommended some good mysteries for the traveler to read on the way to Scotland.

The British Isles seem to produce enormous numbers of mystery writers. But although Agatha Christie may have been the mother of the cozy mystery, Conan Doyle was not the first mystery story writer.  That distinction belongs to Edgar Alan Poe.

But back to Scotland, where some writers have attracted our readers’ attention. Continue reading Scotland Mystery Books for the Traveler