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Itchy Travel Feet? She Wrote the Book


Three people who run travel blogs/websites that I read regularly have published e-books. And if you haven’t seen an e-book recently, forget about the old days when they looked like poorly formatted Word documents.  The e-books I’m going to be talking about this week are full of photography and graphics to make them appealing and easy on the eye. Continue reading Itchy Travel Feet? She Wrote the Book

American in Nova Scotia

View from Cabot Trail, Old Smokey Mtn
Cape Breton Island

Destination: Nova Scotia

Book: My Famous Evening: Nova Scotia Sojourns, Diaries, and Preoccupations, (2004) by Howard Norman

Howard Norman, American writer,  focuses on Nova Scotia  in this eclectic book. Like one of those patchwork quilts made of individual squares that tell facets of a story, My Famous Evening reflects Norton’s view of the essentials of Nova Scotia in an introduction and five essays/stories that “tell it slant” as Emily Dickinson advises. Continue reading American in Nova Scotia

Road Trip Nova Scotia

No books or movies today–“just” a trip.

Although if you would like to know about some movies made in Nova Scotia, there are quite a few, not to mention a current TV SyFy channel show, Haven. which was partially filmed in Lunenberg, and other Nova Scotia locations.


Continue reading Road Trip Nova Scotia