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7 Best Blog Posts

Three sons
Three sons

Oh, please, don’t ask me to choose.  It’s like picking your favorite child. It just isn’t done. Besides, think of the psychiatrist bills to battle the neurosis of those that are not chosen.

But Choose I must.  It seems there is this “thing” going around–not lethal but very infectious–and I have been intentionally exposed by my friend Mark over at Travel Wonders of the World.  Well, since Mark is a good friend (I’ve guest blogged for him about Bayeux  and Canyon de Chelly,  and he wrote about Mark Twain for me and leaves comments frequently here), I am honored.

The “thing” is a My 7 Links meme started by Tripbase Blog. Bloggers are asked to list posts that fit into 7 categories, as you will see below. Continue reading 7 Best Blog Posts