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Two Women and the End of the Ottoman Empire

First in a series of books that feature strong, independent, sometimes unconventional women during Women History Month.

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Destination: Istanbul and Anatolia Turkey (Early 20th Century)

Book: The Dervish by Frances Kazan (NEW February, 2013)

Frances Kazan bases her historical novel on a fairly well-known period of history–post World War I, but it concerns Turkey–whose history is not widely known in the West.  Because Kazan has devoted years to the study of Turkish history, and has written an academic book about Halide Edip, a woman who played a key role in Turkey’s Nationalism movement, the reader will learn the actual details of the struggles between Allied powers, Greeks and Turks as modern Turkey took shape and the Ottoman Empire ended. Continue reading Two Women and the End of the Ottoman Empire

Talk About a Different Culture!

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

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Book: The Serenity Murders by Mehmet Murat Somer

At A Traveler’s Library, we promise to tell you about books with a strong sense of place and/or culture.  We really weren’t thinking about the unique sub-culture portrayed in Mehmet Murat Somer‘s delicious Turkish Delight murder mysteries.  Several books reviewed at A Traveler’s Library have been set in Turkey, giving you a look at the culture you might experience if you travel to Istanbul.

But unless you are heading straight for a nightclub where entertainers are dressed in drag, you’d entirely miss the interesting crew presented in The Serenity Murders. This is a culture within a culture that most of us will never actually visit. Continue reading Talk About a Different Culture!

Delicious Turkey–No, Not the Thanksgiving Treat

Turkish scene, from Book, Turkey
Turkish scene, from the book, Turkey, used by permission of the publisher

Tasty travel

by Brette Sember

Destination: Turkey

Book Cover of Turkey: More than 100 Recipes
Book: Turkey: More than 100 Recipes, With Tales from the Road by Leanne Kitchen

As our thoughts turn to cooking and eating Thanksgiving turkey this month, let me give you another kind of delicious turkey to think about: Turkey: More than 100 Recipes, with Tales from the Road by Leanne Kitchen, a beautiful collection of recipes, travelogues, and photographs that will bring the tastes of the country of Turkey to your home without you hopping on a plane to travel there yourself. Continue reading Delicious Turkey–No, Not the Thanksgiving Treat