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Venice History Packed with Exciting Stories

Venice History- Grand Canal
Venice Grand Canal

Destination: Venice, Italy

 Book: Venice: A New History by Thomas F. Madden (October 29, 2012)

While there is no question that Venice has a mystique about it, I have made no secret of the fact that I did not  love Venice. Parts of it yes. Some fantastic art, yes.The Venice history, yes. And happily for all lovers of Venice and particularly of Venice’s history, there is a new and entertaining book–Venice: A New History, that fills us in on La Serenissima from how Attila the Hun was a founding father (in a way) to today’s struggles with tourism and acqua alta. Continue reading Venice History Packed with Exciting Stories

Life and Death in the Venice Ghetto

book cover
Destination: 16th Century Venice, Malta

Book: The Midwife of Venice, NEW April 2012 by Roberta Rich


Venice Ghetto, Italy
Venice Ghetto, Italy

There is a corner of Venice, away from the bustle and hustlers of the Rialto and San Marcos that seems too austere to be part of the self-consciously gilded and carved and painted face of the city. While the decaying charm of the palazzi along the grand canal charms most visitors,  the quiet mystery of the Jewish Ghetto stoked Roberta Rich‘s imagination. That area roused my curiosity, too, but not being a novelist, I took some pictures and moved on. Rich pondered the life of the Jews who lived a restrictive life in the Ghetto while the merchant classes prospered and lived sparkling lives, sure of their place in the greatest city on earth. Her ponderings led to this novel that evokes a lesser known life in a certain time in a place that you thought you knew. Continue reading Life and Death in the Venice Ghetto