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8 Best Articles on Cultural Travel

Cultural Travel

By Jessica Voigts

I have both written and published many articles about cultural travel. Cultural travel is important to intercultural understanding, as it allows you to dig deeply into a place and truly explore the culture. I’d like to share a few of my favorite posts on cultural travel – one from a student in our Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program, several from editors at Wandering Educators, and a few that I penned. Take a look at eight of my favorites… Continue reading 8 Best Articles on Cultural Travel

Meet Jessica Voigts: Culture Travel Tuesday

Jessie Voigts
Jessie Voigts in Scotland

Today we get to know a bit more about our Culture Travel Tuesday contributor, Jessica Voigts. Regular readers of A Traveler’s Library are familiar with Jessie, since she has been an almost monthly contributor for many moons.  She has been bringing us synopses of interviews with authors from her wonderfully useful website Wandering Educators.  Don’t be fooled by the title–teachers are not the only ones who can benefit from the broad array of travel advice offered at W.E. Take a look at the many categories on her site and you’ll see what I mean.  But Jessie’s first love is broadening the understanding between cultures.  I am very happy she accepted the assignment of bringing to readers of A Traveler’s Library ideas for travel that deepens our understanding of different cultures. You saw an example last month when she wrote about a museum and battlefield in Scotland. Now for the inside scoop on how her interests developed, and how  it affects her life today and other inside secrets of Jessie.

A Traveler’s Library: In your bio you mention that you majored in International Education. Can you explain that a bit? How is that different from majoring in Education? Continue reading Meet Jessica Voigts: Culture Travel Tuesday

More than a Year in Provence

Taking Root in Provence




Destination: France

Book:Taking Root in Provence by Anne-Marie Simons

A Guest Post by Jessica Voigts

[Note: What you see below is a portion of a recent interview that Jessie Voigts published at Wandering Educators. I extracted just three of the questions and answers, but there is a lot more. Read the entire interview at Wandering Educators.]

Ever wonder what it is like to live in Provence? Yes, we’ve all read Peter Mayle‘s books, and dreamt of moving there. But to actually do it? What’s it like? We recently spoke with Anne-Marie Simons, author of Taking Root in Provence. Continue reading More than a Year in Provence