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Travel Photo Thursday:Western Skies


I’m winding up the brief western road trip of the past couple of weeks today with some photos of the things you can see under Western Skies. Photos taken by Ken and by me.


Open skies of Oregon from the Oregon Trail Museum
Oregon: from the Oregon Trail Museum

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Pioneering in North Dakota

Western Road Trip

Skipping northward today, we take a look at some Western history.  When you travel in the Western United States, you are surrounded by history–not the centuries-old art and buildings that surround you in Europe, but the more recent history of settler’s trails, ghost towns, and mine camps.

Destination: North Dakota

Book: Dakota, or What’s a Heaven For (November 2010)by Brenda Marshall

North Dakota Railroad Tracks
North Dakota Railroad Tracks

This is a big book with a big story to tell.  Although I have read a lot of western history, I had no idea of the way that the Dakotas (at the time of the novel one territory rather than North and South) were settled.  The story of Dakota, Or What’s a Heaven For sweeps you along by focusing in on the individual story of one fascinating woman and her relationships.  Because Frances’ father-in-law is involved with the railroads, a critical component in the settling of the territory, and her husband is in journalism, the family is very well-off and Frances comes into contact with people of all layers of society.  This enables Brenda Marshall to cover the areas of politics, economics, transportation, agriculture, and all the other components of history in the form of  stories rather than dry facts and statistics. Continue reading Pioneering in North Dakota

The Sun Rises at Bryce Canyon, Utah


I would never want to dismiss the beauty of the other Western states, particularly my own–Arizona– but certainly high on my list of favorite Western road trips is southern Utah with its cluster of National Parks and Monuments protecting some pretty spectacular landscape.  This series of photos reminds me that although I told my friend Keith Jenkins at Velvet Escape, when he published some dawn photos, that sunrise was only a rumor to me–it turns out I actually DID get up at dawn at Bryce Canyon.

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Utah
Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Utah

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